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What Makes Our Shea Butter Unique

A lot of the Shea butters sold today aren't pure. All Shea butters are not effective, it is therefore necessary to purchase Shea butter from a veritable source. Once Shea butter that isn't authentic is purchased and used, all the healing properties are lost; which makes it ineffective. Shea Butter is large for improving skin conditions, including blemishes, wrinkles, eczema, and dermatitis.

It has properties to treat skin allergies, sunburns, insect bites, frostbites, and other skin conditions. Only Premium Unrefined Shea Butter can offer the benefits listed above. Once Shea Butter loses it's natural qualities, a lot of these extraordinary benefits are also lost.

At Estella's Pride, we stock top quality Shea Butter. We are conversant with the production processes. The butter is derived from the seed of the Karite tree, the cream is then extracted and prepared without the use of chemicals.

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